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The internet has allowed us the ability to talk to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. It doesn't matter what curve of the globe you live on, you can see and hear people that are thousands of miles away. So, it is obvious that the adult entertainment industry has taken full advantage of this. No matter what your fetish may be, there are a hundred or more sites for it.  

Preferences range from the average sex scene, to the taboo, and there is a shortage of neither. One fetish that is growing in popularity is the category of shemales. The term shemale refers to a person who looks and sounds exactly like a female, but has a penis. And because this is an actual person, that opens up the door to the possibility of one on one webcam chatting.  

So where are these sites and how can you use them? How can you start a conversation with a shemale and get your fix? Let's take a look a couple of options that are literally right at your fingertips.  

The advantage of talking with live shemales is that you don't have to browse through a porn site for hours on end just to find what you are looking for. You pick a model, sign in, and there they are! It is also much more intimate, as you can interact with a model and they can respond to you.  

One recommended website for shemale webcams is called This site features an array of shemale models both solo and couples. The site offers competitive prices, and is easy to navigate among it's many options, such as whether you are interested in a one-to-one chat, or if you would like to interact with a couple.  

When browsing through models, you can see a snapshot, the model's age, sexual preference and even their body type. The site also has a categorized search engine that allows users to choose a category and view all models that fall under that specific genre. The search abilities also allow you to specify other preferences, such as ethnicity, hair color, and penis and chest size. TreatCams also offers some of the best prices on the market, offering credits for only a few dollars!  

So, no matter what you are looking for in live shemales, there are hundreds of options out there. These are just examples of two of the best sites the internet has to offer. You don't have to go it alone. Starting up a conversation with a live, willing shemale is as easy as signing up!